When You Need Roof Repairs, We'll Be There

See why we're Norcross, GA's preferred roof repair service

Worried about the state of your roof? G & O Roofing, Inc. provides reliable roof repair service in Norcross & Duluth, GA. A roof repair contractor will come to your home to perform a roof inspection. If your roof is relatively new or the damage is localized, we'll set up a roof repair service appointment. If your roof is past its prime and has widespread damage, we'll recommend a roof replacement.

Dial 770-864-0653 or 770-935-1311 now to find out how soon we can fix your roof.



When to call for roof repair

When to call for roof repair

How much damage is enough to warrant a service call? Turn to the roof repair experts at G & O Roofing if you notice...

  • Leaks from your roof or chimney
  • Missing shingles after a storm
  • Broken shingles due to flying debris

Our team can do anything from replacing a few shingles to installing a brand-new roof. If you're in the Norcross or Duluth, GA area, call for professional roof repair work today.