Fractured Fascia? Fix It Fast.

Talk to the fascia replacement pros in Norcross & Duluth, GA

When dealing with water damage in or near your roof, fascia replacement is often a necessary step. Damaged fascia can lead to leaks and wood rot, which is why you should contact G & O Roofing, Inc. as soon as you notice any damage.

Don't wait for long-term water damage to set in. Schedule a fascia replacement appointment in the Norcross or Duluth, GA area today.

5 signs you need soffit replacement

5 signs you need soffit replacement

Even if you don't see obvious cracks in your home's soffit, you may still need to replace it. Consider getting a complete soffit replacement if...

  1. You suspect your home's soffit contains asbestos
  2. There's been water damage to the area
  3. Pests have damaged it or taken up residence
  4. You need to add or replace attic ventilation
  5. The paint has begun to flake or peel

Get a free soffit replacement estimate by calling 770-864-0653 or 770-935-1311 right away.